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Articles, blog posts, commentary and quotes in media and social media on responsible business practice, research, and education.

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Recent media articles

Is COVID-19 changing the face of corporate social responsibility?

"The point is not that corporate social responsibility will disappear, but that the key role of governments in shaping its extent and effectiveness has become increasingly obvious."

Business schools should stop ignoring modern slavery

"Slavery is a multi-billion business - it's time for researchers to start paying more attention to it."


“Many workers don’t regard themselves as exploited. They often think that this is better than what they had before.”

Supply Management

“We expected people to be attracted to principled, politically active business leaders but we were surprised to find that graduates did not necessarily need to share their opinions to find them appealing.”


“Companies need to be able to trace the origin of their employees in the same way as most can for their products.”



Let’s t(w)alk! When it comes to corporate social responsibility, talking is action

"Every conversation about CSR is another building block in the construction of what CSR is or can be – and even what the company is or stands for."

Top 10 responsible business stories, 2020

"The big test then will be whether the various ‘Build back better’ campaigns will see companies actually shifting gears on responsible business."

Corporate social responsibility and the failure to end labour exploitation

"Solutions driven by leadership and innovation from the bottom of the supply chain are far more promising and likely to be effective."

CEOs who take a political stand are seen as a bonus by job applicants

"If they want to attract top candidates, CEOs and companies will need to be more vocal in addressing social and environmental challenges."

Negative impact – Is it possible to manage potentially harmful research findings?

"Local companies feared our research could be used by brands to negotiate lower prices, or to justify switching suppliers."

Some people trapped in “modern slavery” are underworked: and they pay a heavy price for it

"There are a variety of ways that people make money from modern slavery, and sometimes we have to go beyond the idea that it simply reduces labour costs." 

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