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The COVID-19 crisis has prompted some impressive examples of corporate social responsibility ... and irresponsibility. More than anything though it has shown how much corporate responsibility relies on strong government.

Business schools are ignoring modern slavery. It is time for a step change in new research and teaching on extreme exploitation.

Millions of precarious workers in global supply chains could be left destitute by Covid-19. Brands need to step up and take responsibility.

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Universities are unable to make meaningful progress in preventing the worst kinds of exploitation in their supply chains. Change is needed.

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Andrew Crane is a leading expert on responsible business.


Using original research he provides deep insights on emerging sustainability issues, alongside the risks and opportunities they pose for companies, communities, and society.

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Fight slavery in your supply chainAndrew Crane and Elaine Mitchel-Hill
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In conversation about how companies can tackle modern slavery in their supply chains.

Modern slavery solutionsAndrew Crane and Elena Shih
00:00 / 36:16

In conversation about different ways of understanding the business of modern slavery and its solutions.

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Europe's best-selling business ethics textbook.


An influential report on decent work in the garment supply chain.


A definitive collection on corporate social responsibility.

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